Foods to Boost Your Immunity: Take these 5 zinc-rich foods to increase immunity

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In India, the second wave of Coronavirus has destroyed everyone. The number of active cases is currently at the highest level in India. In such a situation, if you want to make some changes in your diet to avoid the infection of COVID (COVID) infection and to increase your immunity, then you have to eat a diet full of zinc. A good immune system will help your body fight flu and infection, Vitamin C and zinc immunity boost. Also Read: Immunity Booster: How effective are vitamin pills in boosting immunity? Learn what the Experts say

Zinc is one of the nutrients that play an important role in making our body function. From enhancing immunity to synthesis of protein, enzymatic reaction, growth and development, zinc does all this for us. Zinc is found in plant and animal foods, including meat, seeds, nuts, whole grains, chickpea, etc. Zinc helps heal wounds faster.

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According to one study, zinc can potentially inhibit COVID-19 by inhibiting an important enzyme. In many previous studies, zinc has been found to have immuno-nutritional and anti-viral properties. Lack of zinc in the body can lead to weight loss, weak immunity, lack of alertness, loss of appetite, open pores on the skin, lack of smell and taste etc. Also read: Dehydration in summer can spoil your health, keep the body hydrated with these powerful home remedies


To increase immunity, consume these 5 zinc-rich foods:

Eggs: According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), an egg contains 5 percent (0.6mg) zinc. So include eggs in your daily diet.

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curd: Gut health is important and yogurt helps to improve your gut and contains a good amount of zinc which will help to boost your immune system.

Dry Fruits and Seeds: Eat a handful of dry fruits including almonds, walnuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and sesame seeds. Nuts and seeds are filled with zinc.

Kabboli chana: Who doesn’t like this? It is one of the favorite Indian food. Did you know, according to USDA figures, white colored beans contain a good amount of zinc (1.53 mg per 100 grams of zinc).

Chicken: Chicken is one of the best sources for getting zinc supplements. Not only this, chicken is rich in vitamin B12, protein and it keeps your nervous system healthy and helps in the formation of cells.

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This essential micro-nutrient element helps in cell growth and its survival. Zinc acts as a messenger for the immune system. It acts as an intracellular signal molecule for the body’s defense cells. It also reduces the level of cytokines harmful to the body. Zinc helps to increase the production of infection-fighting cells (WBC and T cells). If you are infected with Kovid, strong immunity helps you to effectively deal with the virus.



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