Taking rain is real fun, so these 4 places in India are the best


Today we tell you about 4 beautiful places in India where you can enjoy the best of the monsoon, so let’s know about these places.

Lonavla – Lonavala is the best place to visit in the monsoon, thousands of tourists come here to visit this monsoon, here you will see greenery all around in the rainy season.

Orchha – Every year thousands of tourists come to visit this city, it is situated on the banks of Betwa River, here you can also roam many historical buildings.

Mausinram – This city of Mangalya is one of the most beautiful tourist place of North East, during the rainy season, you can enjoy the best of monsoon here along with the natural sight.

Udaipur – Udaipur is also called the city of lakes. The view of this city in the monsoon is very amazing.


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