Follow this recipe to remove the blackness of the neck



Today, people do not want to look black, for this people adopt many types of creams and home remedies. It also has a throat blackness.

The blackness of the throat is becoming a main problem nowadays. Many people suggest many remedies to remove blackness, but none of the recipe works. Darkness is the main reason that increasing obesity causes a stretch mark on the throat and it starts to sit slowly.

It dissolves in the leather, even if you rub it as much as possible, it does not turn black. There is a home remedy for this, with the help of which one can get rid of the blackness of the throat.

For this, first wash the neck thoroughly with water and then wipe the throat dry, then squeeze 3 tablespoons of rose water and half a lemon in a bowl, after five minutes, spoon a spoonful of sugar lentils into it.

After this, take a cotton swab around the neck by immersing it in the solution and go to sleep. Wash with cold water after getting up in the morning, do this for three to four days and you will see that the blackness of the throat will be reduced.


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