The cost of vomiting of this animal is crores of rupees, you will be surprised to know the reason


Lifestyle Desk. Many strange and beautiful creatures are found in the world, which ordinary people are surprised to see. Friends, there are many creatures in this world who are smuggled and their value is estimated in millions. But friends, today we are going to tell you about a creature whose vomit is worth crores of rupees. Yes friends, you may find it a bit strange to hear this, but it is absolutely true. Friends, today we will talk about the whale fish found in the sea. For the information of friends, let us tell you that the cost of vomiting of whale is crores of rupees in the international market. Let us tell you that vomit of whale fish, also called ambergris, is used in making perfumes. Because of this it is quite valuable. Significantly, perfume made from ambergris lasts for a long time, hence it is also called floating gold. For information, tell us that ambergris can range from 15 grams to 50 kg, which is believed to be worth crores of rupees.


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