The good news: – you are getting instant discount of so many thousand by buying OnePlus smartphone and TV


If you too are thinking of buying a smartphone or TV of Oneplus, we have brought a good news for you today.

Recently the company is offering instant discounts of up to Rs 3000 on some of its smartphones like OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro.

Apart from this, the company has also announced a discount with TV, you can take advantage of this discount through the e-commerce site Amazon Iindia on the company’s website.

But if you want to avail a discount of 3000 rupees, then you must have a credit card of ICICI Bank, you will get a discount of 3000 rupees only after paying with ICICI Bank’s card, you can avail this offer only till 9 October 2020. Is


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