The link between beauty and bamboo is deep, know how it works to increase beauty


Usually you have heard about many types of facials, but have you heard about the babu facials. If you have not heard, today we tell you a lot of its benefits.

The Babu Facial relieves tension with glow and blondness on the face.

The silica found in bamboo gives the skin the inner beauty and the ability to absorb essential ingredients calcium magnesium and potassium.

Antioxidants found in it keep the skin healthy and wrinkle free and removes skin wrinkles etc.

By grinding gentle bamboo, its massage refreshes the skin as well as the mind and heart. In this way, curd is a better option to reduce tanning. Not only that, adding gram flour to the curd also gives a glow to the face. Blisters are removed by applying curd cream on mouth ulcers two or three times a day.

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