The most dangerous place in the world where no animal has gone even for 100 years


There are many places in the world which are quite scary where not many people go, but today we are telling you about the place, no one has visited that place.

Please tell animals are also forbidden to visit this place, this place is located in the northeastern region of France.

This place is named “Zone Rog”, this place has boards of “Danger Zone” everywhere, although this place is kept separate from the places of France.

This place is also known as the Red Zone, it is said that during the First World War there were 9 villages on this jug and its people used to do farming, but during the World War there were so many booms. This entire place was destroyed and this place is not worth living at all.

A lot of chemical material is spread in this place, due to which the land here is poisonous and the water here is also found deadly.


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