The world’s weirdest case, this woman gets blood from her eyes during her periods


Many amazing news comes from this human world. Now we are going to tell you a similar news today. This news is from Chandigarh where a woman gets blood from her eyes during periods. We all know that menstruation or periods come to women every month and everyone is troubled by bleeding during this period. Actually this is the time when women have to face many types of problems. During this time, some women have unbearable pain in their stomach, waist, some feel dizzy and some have problems like weakness.

Blood from the eyes

But now the matter which has come to the fore is shocking. This is the case of Chandigarh where a 25-year-old married woman suffers tears of blood during periods (menstruation) due to a rare medical condition. In this case, the woman told the doctors that ‘she does not feel any pain or discomfort due to this. Even several tests were done to find out the cause of bleeding from his eyes, but all the reports came out normal. There was no injury to his eyes, nor was there any family history of ocular bleeding. ‘

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Now the woman has to know what exactly is the reason behind this. In this case, when the doctors investigated, they realized a certain pattern. Doctors understood that both times when the woman cried tears of blood, at that time her periods were going on. During this investigation, it was revealed that this rare condition is ocular vicarious menstruation, due to which period blood is released from other organs besides the uterus. He said that bleeding can also occur from the lips, eyes, lungs, stomach and nose.




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