These 4 fatal diseases can be caused by eating food wrapped in news paper!


Now-a-days, many people take the loaves wrapped in newspaper while going to office or away. Some days, newspaper is used to keep food and drink. But do you know how harmful the habit of eating food on newspapers can prove to be for your health. If you are unaware of the damage caused by it, then let us introduce you to the problems caused by eating food wrapped in newspaper.

We all know that the ink used to print news paper contains harmful chemicals in that ink. These chemicals found in ink can also cause diseases like cancer. In such a situation, keeping the food items in the news paper affects the ink. Due to which the food becomes poisonous and eating this food can affect your health badly. The food safety and standards authority of India itself has confirmed that food wrapped in newspaper is harmful to health. So let us know which disease can be caused by eating food wrapped in newspaper.

Effect on digestion – Food wrapped in a news paper can affect your digestion. Digestion-related problems arise due to the chemical present in the ink used in newspaper printing.

Hormones are imbalanced – The ink used in news paper contains harmful chemicals that affect your hormones. If hormones in the body become imbalanced, then there is a risk of many diseases.

Risk of Cancer The chemical oily used to dry the ink of news paper gets stuck in the food and then reaches the stomach through food. Due to this negligence, you can become a victim of bladder and lung cancer.

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Effect on fertility If women eat food wrapped in a news paper, then it affects their fertility and they face a lot of problems in becoming a mother.


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