COVID19: These 4 new symptoms of Kovid are seen in diabetic patients!  Do not ignore, negligence can be fatal!

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Corona virus (Coronavirus) New days are changing and new forms are constantly changing. Its second wave is taking its grip from infant to old age. The rapidly increasing number of infected have given sleep to the health department. Till last year, cold, cough, cold, fever, sore throat and tasteless tongue were considered to be the main symptoms of Kovid, but in the changed circumstances Kovid experts are warning to be cautious of these new symptoms. Let us know what Sumit Gupta, a Kovid doctor of a private hospital in Gurgaon, is suggesting about these new symptoms.

According to a research, diabetes patients have a higher mortality rate along with Kovid infection. Therefore, it can not be denied that in the second wave of Kovid, only the most diabetic patients are getting hit.

Black fungus

These days, the most dangerous symptom of the second wave of Kovid is being described as black fungus. It is constantly taking dangerous forms. According to Dr. Sumit, black fungus infection spreads at a rapid rate in some patients due to uncontrolled glucose levels in the blood and weakening of immunity from steroids. If a small black spot appears in the mouth or any part of the face, then the patient should immediately start treatment after consulting a Kovid expert.

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Skin allergy

Last year, no such problem was seen in the symptoms of Kovid. This new symptom is being seen in some patients in Kovid’s second wave. Dr. Sumit explains, – In the fingers of diabetic patients of Kovid, there are rashes and itching complaints and sometimes red spots appear on the skin. In fact, in diabetic patients, the skin becomes dry due to increase in blood sugar level, swelling, blisters, rashes and itching in any part of the body. They may be one of the new symptoms of Kovid. Therefore, diabetic patients should keep an eye on the changes happening on their skin.

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When insulin production starts decreasing in the body, it is considered a sign of diabetes. According to Dr. Sumit – If the level of blood glucose in the patients of diabetes increases, then the body’s immunity starts weakening. In such a situation there is an increased risk of infection in the body. This is the situation when the Kovid virus infects humans. Vascular problems in patients such as cardio vascular lapse, respiratory, chronic lung disease can cause problems to the patient. In such a situation, the patient should be hospitalized. It is better that the patient himself tries to control sugar in this epidemic period.

Oxygen level drop

The sudden drop in oxygen levels in Kovid patients became a nationwide issue in the recent past, when thousands of patients succumbed due to lack of oxygen, because suddenly huge amounts of oxygen could not be arranged. According to Dr. Sumit, when the immunity of diabetes patients is weak, the oxygen label starts to be lower than normal. Due to this, the patient complains of breathlessness, shortness of breath and chest pain. This condition is called hypoxia. This is a situation when the oxygen label in a patient falls without showing any symptoms. This condition is more common in patients with diabetes. According to Dr. Sumit, if the level of oxygen reaches 94 to 90, then the oxygen level can be increased by lying on the stomach. But even if there is no permanent improvement in the oxygen label, then the patient should be admitted to the hospital after consulting his doctor.

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note- All the information related to health given in this article has been written for informational purpose. It should not be substituted for the treatment of any disease or medical advice and we do not claim that the tips mentioned in the article will work perfectly, so before trying any tips or suggestions given in the article, the doctor Be sure to consult with.


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