These are the miraculous benefits of health by crying


We all know that laughter is considered very beneficial for our body. It is believed that laughing keeps our body healthy, but do you know that crying is also beneficial for our body. Today we are telling you about the important benefits of crying.

It is believed that crying makes the mind very light. A research has revealed that just like sweat causes the toxic things of our body to come out, in the same way, crying is a process through the eyes. For your information, tell me that both watering and tearing of eyes are very different.

When we cry, hormones called leucine and drenocorticotropic are released from our body, whereas when the water comes out of the eyes, nothing happens. You will be very surprised to know that weeping reduces the bacteria in our eyes.

It reduces the risk of impaction in our eyes and it keeps our eyes healthy. Our eyes have a membrane which dries up and this has a direct effect on the light of our eyes but the membrane is always full of tears.

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