Avoid these coughs with these home remedies


Everyone wants a comfortable night’s sleep and sleep without any trouble. But many people do not even have night sleep due to cough. Cough is such a serious disease that no matter how much is stopped, it does not stop.

Honey Honey also has a lot of effect in cough. A spoonful of honey before bed will be very beneficial for you, it will not bother you cough at night.

Lukewarm water – In the winter, lukewarm water should be drunk, it provides relief to the throat and the sore throat is also removed. Drinking lukewarm water continuously eliminates night cough.

Liquorice tea -Mulathi root gives relief to your respiratory system, also helps in reducing inflammation and loosening of mucus. It also removes sore throat.

turmeric Mixing half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk and using it provides relief in cough. Boil turmeric, celery, black pepper, cinnamon and salt together in water and drink it when it is slightly lukewarm.

The anti-bacterial property of turmeric brings relief very soon. For dry cough, using one teaspoon of honey mixed with turmeric powder provides relief in cough.

Salt water To avoid increasing cough during garbage-night, before you go to bed, mix equal quantity of turmeric with a pinch of salt in lukewarm water and gargling provides relief in cough.

There are many benefits of eating bitter bitter gourd


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