These dangerous losses are caused by burning incense sticks


Today we tell you about the benefits of burning incense sticks, so let’s know.

According to researchers, incense sticks smoke is more dangerous than cigarette smoke, it spoils the lungs.

According to researchers, diseases such as cancer and brain tumors can be caused by incense sticks, as per a research, polysromatic hydrocarbons found in incense sticks and incense sticks cause asthma, cancer, headaches and problems of cough.

According to scientists, burning bamboo has an adverse effect on our health, if incense sticks are made by applying chemical ingredients of bamboo sinks, and fake cents are added to it.

Bamboo burns on burning incense sticks and burns the stems. Bamboo contains land and heavy metal. Due to the burning of both these substances, harmful substances go into the body with breathing, which are very harmful.



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