These diets will be very helpful in eliminating constipation


If your stomach is not well cleaned. So understand that you have a serious problem of constipation. While constipation is a very serious problem in itself, constipation also causes many other diseases.

If you also have complaints of constipation often, then use these 5 things in your daily diet. There will be relief in constipation. And gradually you will get rid of this problem as well.

Include one apple daily in your meal. This can solve your constipation problem. Apple contains fiber which is necessary to relieve constipation.

Orange or orange
Orange or orange is also very effective for stomach health. An orange has 4 grams of fiber and not only that it has a very low calorie level. Eating orange rich in vitamin C will also strengthen your immunity.

Popcorn can help you with the problem of constipation because 1 cup of popcorn contains 1 gram of fiber.

Start eating oats daily. Because eating oats completely removes the problem of constipation. One cup of oats contains two grams of soluble and insoluble fiber, which is very helpful in keeping the stomach fit.

Flax seeds means flax seeds
Flax seeds ie omega 3 fatty acids and fiber are found in very good amounts in flax seeds. You roast them and eat them. One tablespoon flaxseed contains only 2 grams of fiber.

Aloe vera-
Aloe vera is often used by people for beautiful skin and hair. But it is very useful for your stomach health. It is also called laxative. It is also very helpful in relieving constipation.

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