Excess of these foods in food is increasing these diseases


Diabetes is spreading like an epidemic in India and the main reason for this disease is the change in lifestyle and food.

The Indian Medical Association IMA believes that one of the main causes of this disease is the abundance of things like white sugar, maida and rice used in our daily diet.

Diabetes occurring to people above 30 years of age

The doctor of AIIMS, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, says that refined kabrohydrate has an important role in increasing the amount of sugar in the blood which is found in foods like maida.

Desi jaggery or honey are very suitable options if you want to consume sweet things. He said that according to an estimate, about 10 percent of the people above the age of 30 in the country’s population are suffering from or close to diabetes.

Artificial white things are poison.

He said that people today bring packed flour in which flour is mixed. In the same way, peeled white rice is eaten everywhere today. Overall, artificial white things have added poison to our lives.

That is why the fast was kept-

He said that there were very scientific reasons for the tradition of fasting etc. in our country. People used to fast for one day in a week to avoid food defects and also abandon things made of wheat that day. Similarly, they used to abandon rice once a month. This also greatly increased their insulin resistance.


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