Health Tips: These four steps of yoga can increase the level of oxygen in your body

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By doing yoga every day, our body remains healthy. By this, the body’s immunity also remains intact. Actually, by performing regular respiratory activities, lung function is increased. In such a situation, what is the importance of yoga for a healthy life for us, let us know in detail about it…

These yoga actions can be helpful for patients affected by corona

Oxygen levels decrease in some patients affected by the coronavirus. In such a situation, some compound actions can be helpful, about which Acharya Pratishtha explains in detail that these days we are seeing that the lack of oxygen is happening within the people. In such a situation, it is very important that you learn four yoga activities, through which you can increase the level of oxygen in your body.

With the help of these four steps, the level of oxygen can increase in your body

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Adding further, she says that whenever you are in stress or agility, your breath starts moving at a very fast pace and your ability to breathe is greatly reduced. Apart from this, when we feel that we are sick or upset then it also becomes a cause of natural stress. In such a situation, we start breathing short.

First step

The first thing to do to avoid these problems is to sit with a calm mind and keep our hands on your knees and fill them with a deep breath by keeping the posture of knowledge and then chant ॐ in a smooth manner while exhaling. By this action, the brain, lungs and body get relief. It is necessary to do this action at least three times.

Second step

In the second step, you will have to lie on your stomach. By lying on your stomach, you have to practice ‘Balasana’, that is, you will straighten the left arm and left leg and the neck will have to be placed on the right side. The right hand and the right leg have to be held at a 90 degree angle. After this, you have to exhale while taking a deep breath. This process has to be done five to seven times. After this, you have to change the position to the other side i.e. left and repeat the same action. Also read: Learn, how is the treatment of ‘black fungus’ infection in corona patients possible?

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Third step

After this, in the third step, while lying on the stomach, keeping your palms on the ground near the shoulders, raise the face high while breathing and do the chest and extend it completely. In this posture, try to bend backwards as much as possible. After this, while exhaling in a smooth manner, slowly return to that posture. You also have to repeat this process three times.

Fourth step

In the fourth step, lying on your stomach, you will make a pillow of your hands and keep your head on it, open your legs and take deep breath again in this position. Now you will find that when you started the process from the first step, since then, the level of oxygen in your body has already increased. The longer you feel comfortable in this position, the longer you stay in this position. Do not be in any hurry. It has also been said in yoga that when you lie down on your stomach and breathe, then you are able to breathe better. If there is a lack of oxygen in your body, then the practice of these activities can be helpful and the level of circulation of oxygen within your body can increase.

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