Coronavirus Symptoms: These symptoms of Kovid-19 can be fatal for diabetes patients, be careful

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Coronavirus Symptoms: The outbreak of the second wave of Coronavirus in the country is showing its effect fast. However, people who already have a health problem are at a higher risk of getting infected with this virus than normal people. Especially if you are a diabetic patient, then you need to pay more attention. Even though the second wave of coronavirus has increased complications for healthy people as well, diabetic patients are facing higher risk of mortality along with severity of infection.

Actually, poor blood glucose levels affect the production of insulin in the body, which adversely affects immunity. According to doctors, diabetes patients who are not only likely to be hospitalized have underlying vascular issues, which can lead to suffering from problems such as heart problems, respiratory deterioration, chronic lung diseases. Chances are high. Apart from this, we are going to tell you the symptoms of Kovid-19, due to which diabetes patients need to be careful. Read also: COVID-19 present in penile tissue can cause erectile dysfunction after recovery, study reveals shocking

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Skin rashes, cavid nails and toes

In the second wave of Kovid-19, skin rashes, swelling and allergy symptoms are affecting people. If you are a diabetic patient and your blood sugar level is uncontrolled then you are more likely to have skin rashes, cavid nails and toes. Actually, diabetes patients are more sensitive to skin manifestations and it takes a long time to heal cuts and wounds. High blood sugar can dry out your skin and increase the likelihood of swelling, red patches, blisters, which can appear in the body when infected with Kovid, so diabetic patients are exposed to these early symptoms of Kovid-19 Needs attention.

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Covid pneumonia

Pneumonia can be a serious risk factor and a threat to covid patients. The risk of this is more to those people who are diabetic patients. According to doctors, high blood sugar levels also make it easier for the Kovid virus to thrive in the body and spread severely. Its risk is the same for people suffering from type-1 and type-2 diabetes, so diabetic patients should be alert to this symptom of Kovid.

Lack of oxygen

A drop in oxygen saturation level can be one of the biggest complications of Kovid-19 patients. Severe diabetes condition suppresses immune function. Several studies have now proven that patients with pre-existing sugar disorder or weakness are more likely to suffer from oxygen deficiency and related symptoms, including shortness of breath, shortness of breath, pain in the scene. Also read: Learn, how is the treatment of ‘black fungus’ infection in corona patients possible?

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Black fungus infection (mucormycosis)

The sudden increase in the form of black fungus infection is increasing the concern of Kovid-19 patients. Mysterious fungal infection that typically causes facial deformities, swelling, headaches, and irritation. The greatest risk of this may be in patients suffering from diabetes.

According to doctors, inflammatory conditions like diabetes suppress the functioning of the immune system and thus increase the risk of infection. High blood sugar levels are also favorable for breeding fungus like virus.



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