These things are full of antioxidant properties


It is very important to keep the immune system healthy to keep the body healthy and to prevent from diseases. The weakening of the immune system also increases the risk of many diseases. If the immune system is weak, consume more food rich in antioxidants. Today we will tell you about the food rich in antioxidants.

Garlic has a significant amount of antioxidants. To get rid of heart disease and cancer disease, garlic must be consumed everyday, eating 2-3 raw garlic with honey every day helps in fighting heart disease and cancer.

Tomatoes are required in every vegetable. Tomatoes contain significant amounts of glutathione and antioxidants. Consuming 1-2 raw tomatoes everyday strengthens the immune system.

The essential nutrients found in walnuts help the body fight cancer cells. So eat walnuts 2 times a day.

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