These things present in the house give the call to the evil spirit and evil powers, be careful in time or else.


Amazing 4 Today many of us believe in phan tom-spirits (invisible powers) etc. while some people do not believe in all these things. But it is said that values ​​are everything and believe it or not.


pret-aatma Ghost

The environment of the house also starts to deteriorate. But only some items kept in your house can attract evil powers or ghosts etc. And today we are going to tell you about these.

  • There are some such rooms in homes where it is dark even during the day. But you should always make a window in the rooms which get sunlight during day time.
  • Spider webs should be cleaned from home periodically. They attract negative energy.
  • No fragrant liquids should be used during night time. This will attract negative energy towards you.
  • Many times women in homes keep leftover kneaded dough in the fridge. But you should avoid doing this.
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