These traditional nettle designs are very special for the new bride, look at this once


It is said that it is very important for Suhagan women to wear a bed. You too must have often seen that Suhagan women wear a bed in their feet after the wedding day and after the wedding. Nowadays Bichhiya has also come in quite a fashion.

You will get to see a wide variety of designs in the market. At the same time, women also like to wear the latest design bed. Meanwhile, today we are going to show you the latest collection of Bichhiya, by which you can increase the beauty of your feet even more with the idea.

Talking about the traditional nettle, the silver-studded nimble designs remain in trend. The special thing is that if you want to keep your wedding look simple, then you can carry the nine-colored pattern. It looks very elegant and can be carried for a long time. It is perfect for both comfort and look.

Many brides like the nettle in the curly pattern. You can choose this design according to the bridal look. This Bichhiya design is preferred with curved anklets. If you want, you can take a single, double, or attach bed with all the toes, which you can carry as per your convenience.



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