Keep these things in mind to keep the kidney healthy



Human body has two kidneys. There may be any age at the kidneys and there are two main reasons – diabetes and high blood pressure. Apart from this, heart disease is also a very big reason.

In such a situation, you should adopt measures to avoid kidney disease, as well as some rules, which can be avoided by adopting kidney disease. A recent estimate is that 17 percent of urban Indians are fully afflicted with kidney disease.

8 rules to prevent kidney failure:

Be healthy and very active. This keeps your blood pressure low, which also keeps the health of the kidneys.

Control blood sugar regularly, as people with diabetes are at risk of kidney damage.

Monitor blood pressure They are the common cause of kidney damage. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. 128 to 89 is considered pre-hypertension and has to be changed in lifestyle and food. Talk to your doctor about the dangers when it is over 140/90.

Eat healthy and keep weight under control. Reduce salt intake, only 5 to 6 grams of salt should be taken daily. For this, eat less than processed and restaurants and do not add salt to the food. This can be avoided if you cook with fresh things yourself.

Take proper liquid diet: Traditional wisdom recommends drinking one to one and a half to two liters, ie three to four large glasses of water per day. By consuming plenty of liquid, sodium, urea and poisonous elements are cleared from the kidneys, which reduces the risk of prolonged kidney disease. But do not take too much liquid, as it can cause adverse effects.

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Do not smoke, it reduces blood flow and also increases the risk of kidney cancer by 50 percent.

Do not eat medicines of your own free will. Medications such as ibuprofen can harm the kidneys if taken regularly.

If you have one or more high risk factors, then you should get the kidneys functioning checked.