This causes dark circles on the face, thus protect yourself


Wrinkles on the face and dark circles on the eyes, no one likes that much. Many times people get rid of all these easily by adopting the home remedies, then sometimes they are left thinking only how it happened, but most importantly, how do they appear on the face so soon.

You must have often seen dark spots or dark circles under people’s eyes. Those who look dirty on the face to a great extent, on seeing such people many times,

it seems in their mind that whether it is a disease or not…. Many people are getting pained by this dork circle and also provide different types of treatment. They also adopt prescriptions, but still people are very upset at times.

But now you don’t have to worry about these dark circles at all. Let me tell you that it is also known as POH. There is no need to bother with these dark circles, today we tell you about some of the effects related to them: –

– It has been believed that the skin under our eyes is very delicate, even the veins under the skin start appearing very often and due to this we start seeing dark circles.

– Sometimes due to dark pigmentation, dark circles are also formed many times.

– Let me tell you that there is a very small bulge between our nose and eyes, and there is a small hole in it, from here our tears also come out, in Dermatology it is called Tier Trophy, it is said that With increasing age, the fat here also starts to loose, due to which the dark circle is visible to us.

– Their sight is also largely dependent on how much light and light is falling on your face.

– Tell you that eating too much salt also causes swelling on the eyes, you must have noticed that many people have swollen eyes when they wake up in the morning, due to this also this problem arises.

At the same time, dark circles are also very much caused by alcohol, stress and cigarette smoking.

If seen today, science has progressed to a great extent to avoid this problem, in addition to home remedies, today doctors have a lot of remedies about it, but better if you keep your diet right and stress If you stay away, you can get rid of this disease to a great extent.


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