This element is a native mouth freshener,



Cardamom not only has a fragrant fragrance but also has a great taste. It also acts as a mouth freshener. Consuming 1 cardamom a day can easily prevent you from many health problems.

Nutrients like iron, zinc, riboflavin, sulfur, vitamin C and niacin etc. are available in cardamom. It is beneficial for the body and it is beneficial in removing many diseases quickly.

Know about its benefits –

Cardamom is very beneficial in removing rot from the breath. Cardamom is found to have anti-bacterial properties which soon eradicates bacteria produced in the mouth. It is beneficial in removing problems like bad breath, mouth odor, pain in the mouth, mouth sores or swelling etc. soon.

Cardamom plays a very important role in making red blood cells. Cardamom kills the toxins present in the body from the root. Cardamom is also very beneficial in strengthening the digestive power of the body. Any problem arising in the digestive system is overcome by eating 1 cardamom.

It is also very effective in fighting the problem of gas. Cardamom is very effective in increasing digestive power, reducing abdominal bloating and eliminating heartburn. By taking 1 cardamom, you can get rid of digestive problems soon.

Cardamom cold also ends the problem of cold and sore throat soon. By eating only one cardamom after a meal and drinking a glass of lukewarm water on top, you can avoid the problem of colds and sore throat. By doing this you will not need to eat allopathy medicines.

The cholesterol level of the body can be reduced by eating cardamom. Eating and chewing cardamom daily can get rid of heart problems soon. Cardamom also controls blood circulation, which causes many diseases in the body to be eradicated from the root.

Cardamom is very beneficial in controlling many diseases like swelling of stomach, abdominal pain, digestion, acidity, headache and blood pressure


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