This fruit eliminates the problem of baldness from the root!


Nowadays people of all ages are very much disturbed by the problem of hair. People use a variety of products to overcome the problem of falling hair and the problem of white hair, but even then people are not able to get rid of this disease. But today we are going to tell you about the treatment of this disease, so that you can get away from this disease. Yes, there is a solution and Sharifa. Let me tell you that this is a fruit which has many benefits from consumption.

First, let us tell you that custard apple is a very tasty fruit. Sharifa is not just fruit but also medicine. Experts say that those who are thinner than the body should eat custard apple. Eating custard apple not only removes the weakness of the body, but also increases manpower.

According to Ayurveda, Sharifa provides cooling to the body. This fruit is beneficial for Pitta, Thoracic, Vomitant, Nutritious, Satiety, Phlegm and semen enhancer, Meat and blood enhancer, Strengthener, Vata dosha sedative and heart. Eating raw sitaphal provides relief in diarrhea and dysentery. Cut and dry the raw custard apple and grind and feed the patient. This will correct diarrhea. Sharifa also works in medicine. Eating this fruit removes weakness and increases manpower.

Grind the seeds of custard apple with goat milk and apply it to the hairs of the scalp again. Finely grind the seeds of custard apple and apply it in the head at night and tie the head with a thick cloth and sleep well. Lice dies due to this. Make sure that it does not reach the eyes, as it can cause eye irritation and other damage. Massaging the juice of custard leaves in the roots of the hair causes lice to die. Sharifa corrects heartbeat by eliminating panic. Its use is very beneficial for patients with weak heart or high blood pressure.

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