This fruit will relieve mouth ulcers, is also helpful in reducing tooth pain


Many times people are very upset with their mouth odor. But now you do not have to worry because today we will tell you a tremendous domestic way to deal with it.

Guava is a very tasty fruit found in winter. Apart from being delicious to eat, it is also very rich in medicinal properties. Our body is protected from many diseases. Iron is present in it in plenty. This fruit also helps to overcome the problem of winter problems such as hair loss and mouth ulcers.

Cold-fever-fever is very common in the cold, but the problem of cold-cold can be avoided by consuming guava daily.

Chewing guava leaves does not stink from the mouth. Along with this, it also proves very helpful in reducing the pain of your teeth. Eating guava leaves also does not cause bark in the mouth.

Guava contains potassium and magnesium, which keeps the heart and muscles very fit.

Guava is rich in fiber, so diabetes patients must be consumed.


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