This is a unique village in the world, where a woman lives, know the story behind it


Today we are going to tell you about one such village in the world where you will also be surprised to know the population of this village, only one woman lives in this village and she is very old, so let’s know some interesting things related to the village.

The name of this village is Monovi, it is in the state of Nebraska, USA. According to the census conducted in the year 2010, there is only one elderly woman in this village whose name is LC Eiler, she is about 86 years of age. LC Eiler has been alone in this village since 2004. According to a report, till 1930 there were 123 people living here.

But after that slowly the population started to decline and by the year 1980 only 18 people were left in this village but after this, only 2 people left here till 2000. LC Eyler and her husband Rudy Eyler in 2004 After death, LC Eiler is living alone here.

Apart from other states of America, this village also attracts people from other countries and takes care of the natural beauty of this village. There is also a post office in this village which was built in the year 1902 but due to the dwindling population this post office was kept in the year. Closed in 1967, it is said that employment was the main reason behind leaving the village.


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