This thing increases lifespan, you will be surprised to know the name


Rosemary has many medicinal properties. Research has revealed that consumption of rosemary makes the life of a person very long.

The Daily Express report says that researchers have come to know that people with physical fitness and better mental states are living in one place. The percentage of heart and Alzheimer’s disease in these people is very low.

Heart and memory related diseases are rare in the elderly population of Aksieroli in the Campania region of Italy.

Experts are of the opinion that because of the Mediterranean diet, daily exercise and extensive use of Rosemary Herb, people here are much older than the national average of Italy for the last two decades.

Professor Alan Massel says that research will also be done on how much the age group of 300 people living in Aksieroli is so old. The 300 residents living in the village live up to 100 years of age. That too without any disease.

Alan says that a full genetic analysis of these people will be needed to find out. Through research, it will be found how long these people living on the mountains and river banks near the western coast of southern Italy are so long.