This time terrible heat will make the condition worse


This time terrible heat will make the condition worse

This time the summer can be horribly disturbing. That is why it is very important to avoid it. The summer heat wave turns out to be the most lethal. It is very important that you take care of small things and protect yourself from getting sick in summer. The Meteorological Department has predicted this summer that this time the summer may break the record of the last few years. Know further how to stay cool in the scorching heat.

Drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water in summer. If you are going out of the house, then keep a bottle of water with you, even if you are not going for an hour. In the summer, sweat comes out of our body, water keeps coming out in the form of swe at, so there should not be any lack of water inside the body in summer. When our body becomes hot during a physical activity, and it is also getting hot outside, the body starts to release sweat through air condition. Just like the air conditioner is using its coolant. So keep filling the body tank with water, drink appropriate amount of water.

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Keep the digestive system cool
Avoid eating heavy meals during summer. Do not eat strong chili-spicy food. In summer it is advisable to eat less food with hunger. That is, if you are hungry for 4 roti, then eat only 2 rotis.

3. Do not miss exercise
It is very hot, for this you should not give up exercising at all. Instead of sweaty exercise in summer, find some sports and exercise methods that will give you relief. It is important to keep the body active, you get up early and exercise in the morning, move around after getting a little dark in the evening. Outbreak of sun will also reduce and your body will also remain fit.

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4. Avoid hot strokes like this
Do you know that there are some parts of our body that if kept cold, then there is no fear of heat stroke in summer. Yes, these points of our body are called cooling points. By keeping these places inda, we can avoid the outbreak of heat even in summer. Cooling points of the body are the wrist and neck of the hand. Keep an onion when you come out.

5. Wear cotton clothes
If you keep your wrist and neck cool, your body temperature will go down and you will feel cold. With wet clothes or towels, you can keep the neck and wrist part cool even in the scorching heat. Wear cotton clothes as much as possible in summer, they are airy and also absorb sweat.

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6. Take a shower, relax
If you are at home and you are feeling very hot, then just take a shower, cold water gets on the body as the body relays. If you are going out of the house, then use sun tan cream on the open parts of the body. You can also get aloe vera gel of expensive creams from the market. It also protects the skin from sunlight and does not allow it to tan.



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