World Environment Day 2021: This year World Environment Day will be celebrated with the theme of 'Ecosystem Protection'.

World Environment Day 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

World Environment Day 2021: This year World Environment Day 2021 is being celebrated across the world with the theme of ‘Ecosystem/Nature Conservation’, which aims to prevent the degradation of nature/ecosystem in every continent and every ocean. Contributing to this theme, the Films Division of India is going to e-screen the “Sang with Nature: Film Festival on Environment” on 5th and 6th June, 2021. The 2-day special screening of “Prakriti Ke Sang” will include six films that give a strong message of revitalizing the environment and redefining the co-existence of nature. Various methods have been suggested in these films to revive the inseparable relation of man and nature. This e-screening will be done on the website of Films Division and YouTube channel.

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June with the aim of spreading awareness among the common people about environmental issues. It encourages the common people of different societies and communities to develop environmental protection measures. Its goal is to inspire people to make their surroundings safe and clean to enjoy a safer, cleaner and more prosperous future. On this day governments and industries are encouraged to find sustainable and helpful alternatives. Also read: World Environment Day 2021: World Environment Day is a special day for awareness of nature, know history, theme and its importance

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This year’s theme is ‘Ecosystem / Nature Conservation’.

Each year of World Environment Day has a specific theme. The topics of the previous years include discussions on topics like Biodiversity, Air Pollution, Plastic Pollution. The theme of World Environment Day 2021 is “Ecosystem / Nature Conservation”. The theme will focus on saving the existing natural ecosystem and creating a new one. On World Environment Day 2021, the United Nations will also begin its United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Conservation.

The Stockholm Conference was organized by the United Nations in 1972.

In 1972, the first major conference on environmental problems, convened under the auspices of the United Nations, was held in Stockholm (Sweden) from June 5 to June 16. It is also known as Stockholm Conference. Later in the same year, on 15 December, the General Assembly adopted a resolution on 5 June as World Environment Day. After this, from 1974, World Environment Day was celebrated as an annual event to increase the importance of healthy and green environment in human life and to solve environmental issues by implementing some positive environmental actions by the government and organizations. To be.

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Every year different countries host

In 1987, the suggestion of changing its host was proposed and since then different countries are chosen for its event. Every year 143 countries become a part of it and apart from this many government, social and business people participate and discuss about environmental problems. The global host of this year’s World Environment Day is Pakistan. Earlier, in 2020 it was hosted by Colombia.

The burden of medical waste increased due to the Kovid epidemic

The global outbreak of the COVID pandemic has affected human life and daily activities, but it has improved air quality. The lockdown in most cities has resulted in a reduction in carbon emissions. However, the burden of medical waste like disinfectants, masks, gloves has increased manifold during the pandemic. Indian scientists are trying their best to diagnose it.

Long-term goals for global environmental sustainability and the need for proper implementation of policies

In today’s era environmental pollution is increasing very fast. Not only this, we are facing many diseases due to increased air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Environmental problems like pollution, climate change are prompting human beings to rethink about their lifestyle and now environmental protection and environmental management has become very necessary. Global environmental sustainability requires long-term goals and proper implementation of strategies and policies.

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India has laws for environmental protection

India is one of the few countries whose constitutions have a special mention of the environment. The judiciary has also played an important role in environmental protection. With its efforts, clean environment has become an important part of the fundamental right. India has comprehensively framed environmental laws and our policies reflect India’s initiatives in environmental protection. But unfortunately, the environmental situation in India remains quite grim even though environmental laws are in place.

Protection of the environment is the responsibility of the entire human race

Public interest litigation has encouraged the participation of NGOs, civil society and common man towards environmental protection. Today environment is the first issue in the list of government and policy makers and they have become serious about environmental protection. Protection of the environment is the responsibility of the entire human race. We should adopt more and more eco-friendly options and keep the environment around us clean and green. Environmental problems can be reduced to a great extent if each and every person of the world fulfills their responsibility individually.


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