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White hair is a natural problem with age, which we can neither stop or deny. But many people dye it and take it away. If the hair becomes white with increasing age then it is natural but the hair becoming white before age is a big problem. In today’s time, this problem is spreading rapidly among the youth due to irregular routines and wrong eating habits.

It is believed that due to some medicines, herbs, intoxicating habits, stress, pollution etc., the hair of a person starts turning white before age. If you are tired of trying your best to stop the hair from turning white, then also pay attention to some desi tips to darken the white hair once.

Black hair Get Of For some Special Tips

If you are also troubled by premature white hair, then massage your hair everyday with native ghee. By doing this, the white hair will start to decrease.

Add a little tea, tea, 5 grams Amala and Ritha powder to the Mandi powder. After this, mix a few drops of lemon juice, two teaspoons of curd, a small amount of coconut oil and catechu. Use iron embroidery when mixing them all.

Then leave this prepared paste for 8 hours. After this, apply the paste on your hair with the help of a brush. Wash hair after one hour. By doing this your white hair will start turning black after a month.

Apart from this, if you take amalaki chemicals continuously, then you will also benefit greatly. As a result your white hair will start turning black.

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If you have sesame oil in your house, apply it in your hair everyday. It is very useful for preventing hair from becoming white. If you apply sesame oil and consume it, then you will see its benefit soon.

Onion also helps to darken white hair. Applying onion paste to the hair is quite beneficial. After repeating this process for a few months, the white hair starts turning black.

Almonds, walnuts, fish etc. should be consumed in maximum in the food. These food items help to darken the hair.

Curry leaves not only increase the test of food, but it is also very beneficial for hair. Curry leaves contain many nutritious ingredients.


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