(How to avoid getting sick in cold)



The risk of diseases increases as soon as winter comes. The eldest problem is the elders. Due to cold, problems of the body become blue, high-BP, disturbances in blood sugar levels, rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing and many times fluctuations in body temperature.

Even the slightest negligence can prove dangerous. In such a situation, it is better that you take care. These are some such measures which you can keep yourself safe from the brunt of a cold by getting into the habit.

Cover the body

When driving outside or at home, keep your hands and feet covered to protect you from the cold. Wear socks and gloves to avoid the problems of feet and hands becoming blue, pain and itching. If the problem is more, then compress it with lukewarm water for 10-12 minutes.

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

To increase energy in the body and maintain immunity, take seasonal fruits (orange, guava, papaya, chiku) and vegetables (spinach, beetroot, amla, carrot). Be sure to drink vegetable soup.

Take a walk when it’s sunny

If you are suffering from asthma or respiratory disease, then go for a walk only after getting light sunshine in the morning. The cold air in the morning can increase your difficulty in the windpipe, which can increase the heart problems. Taking more sunlight between 8 and 10 am provides more vitamin-D.

Use herbal items

If you have problems like cough, cold and fever, you can definitely drink decoction made from household things like ginger, basil, turmeric and black pepper. Water must also be drunk after lukewarm.


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