World Environment Day 2021: To protect the environment, let's take a pledge to conserve water and plant trees!

World Environment Day 2021 (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Be it nature or human life, society or country, their safety and security is possible only when sufficient balance is maintained in them. All of us are most responsible for the deteriorating nature of the environment. The way we have over-exploited the gifts of nature, converted green forests into concrete forests by legal or illegal means, due to which we are facing the wrath of nature day by day. There is still time, we should discharge our responsibilities and obligations towards nature with alacrity. Remember, government undertaking cannot be enough in this direction, unless we take a pledge to protect and protect nature. If we are really serious about the environment, then we have to take a pledge that on this World Environment Day i.e. June 5, we must plant one tree each. So that our future generations are not deprived of natural resources. Here we will talk about what we can do to maintain the balance between nature and the environment. Also read: World Environment Day 2020: World Environment Day – Time to bring back the smile of the earth

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Be surrounded by fences of forests!

It is true that we have left no stone unturned to destroy nature. But now is the time, we have to take the responsibility of protecting the remaining natural forests while atonement, so that the animals of the forest do not have to come towards the city. Forests can be protected by enclosing the boundaries of forests with barbed wire. Keep in mind that there will be forests only then our existence will remain intact.

Reduce water consumption!

‘if there is water there is life’. Clean water is becoming increasingly valuable, but we are not doing any work for water conservation. While taking bath, while washing clothes with washing machine or while retiring from daily activities, we can save excess water from being wasted. The flow of dirty water in rivers can be stopped. Use minimum water in the washing of vehicles. Dirty water from homes and factories can be prevented from going into the river or pond.

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Use less electricity!

Electrical equipment should be turned off after using it. With this, we not only save the cost of electricity, but also save the energy used in electricity. Use LED bulbs instead of old-timey bulbs or tube lights. When not needed, switch off the computer, laptop, fan, AC, cooler. Also read: Happy World Environment Day 2020 Wishes: On World Environment Day, make your loved ones aware through these best Hindi Facebook Messages, WhatsApp Stickers, GIF Greeting, Images, Quotes, Wallpapers

Increase the tree plantation trend!

To save the green trees, protest by forming a group. Cutting trees without permission is a crime, make people aware by giving maximum publicity about this. Significantly, the average age of most trees is longer than humans. Take a pledge to grow a tree on World Environment Day and on your birthday. If fifty percent people also do this, then about 140 crore trees can be planted in a year. For planting trees, trees can be planted in colonies, neighborhoods, gardens, along roads, on both sides of railway lines, ponds and river banks. For the protection of the trees sown, short-term employment can be provided to the unemployed and women.

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Electricity and telephone lines should be underground!

Electricity and telephone lines should be laid underground, due to this unnecessary trees can be prevented from being cut. If the trees are saved, the environment will be safe as well as its beauty will also attract people with its fruits and flowers, as well as the cool shade will also be available to the passengers walking along the road.


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