Vaishakh Amavasya 2021: Today is Vaishakh Amavasya, donation is of special importance on this day, learn auspicious time and worship method

Amavasya (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Amavasya, also known as no moon day. The moon does not come out on this day. According to Hindu Panchang, on the last date of Krishna Paksha in every month, when the moon is not fully visible by the time of its occurrence, that date is called Amavasya. There are 15 days of Krishna Paksha and 15 days of Shukla Paksha in every month. The last date of Krishna Paksha is called Amavasya and the last date of Shukla Paksha is called Purnima. In this way, there are 12 Amavasya once a month and in a year. Vaishakh month is the second month of the Hindu calendar. Today is Vaishakh Amavasya (Vaishakh Amavasya 2021) on 11 May. Also Read: Mauni Amavasya 2021: Devotees take holy dip in Sangam on the occasion of Mauni Amavasya in Prayagraj and Varanasi in UP, see photos

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It is believed that Amavasya plays an important role in astrology. This day is dedicated to our ancestors. People worship on this day to remove Pitridosh. Bathing and worshiping in the river Ganges on Amavasya and donating clothes, food and money to the needy is considered auspicious.

Importance of Vaishakh Amavasya:

According to the popular religious belief in the Hindu scripture Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu has said that on the day of Amavasya our ancestors come to the earth. Therefore, their descendants offer food and prayers to make them happy. On this day, people observe fast for their ancestors and worship for them. By observing a fast on this day, one gets rid of past sins. Shraddha rituals are performed on Amavasya to appease the ancestors and pay homage to them. On this day Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja is also done.

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Vaishakh Amavasya 2021: Auspicious Moments:

Abhijeet – 11:36 am to 12:29 pm

Amrit Kaalam – 06:06 AM to 07:54 AM

Vaishakh Amavasya Puja Method:

Start the day by bathing in the Brahma Muhurta. If possible, take a dip in any holy river and start fasting. Offer the arghya and pray to Lord Surya. Offer sesame seeds to the Peepal tree with the water of the holy river Offer food, clothes and donations to Brahmins and the poor. Add some seeds or millet for the birds. Fasting and donating on the day of Vaishakh Amavasya leads to success, prosperity, peace and good health.

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