Traditional Holi dishes…


Holi is considered to be a festival of joy and joy with colors. Now talk about a festival like Holi and if there is no discussion of the cuisine, then consider Holi has faded. By the way, every festival in our country has some different cuisines. Many types of dishes are traditionally made on Holi, including gujhiya, gojha, mathri and thali. Come here, we discuss some special dishes prepared on Holi –


How can this happen if Gujhiya is not mentioned on the festival of Holi. Gujhiya is a traditional dish. It requires fine flour, khoya, dry fruits and some other ingredients. A process of stuffing is done by kneading fine flour and then rolling it. Then fry it in ghee. It takes time to make Gujhiya. Although gujiya is very easy to make.

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In the villages of Awadh, Gojha is called the groom of Gujhiya. What a rasgulla spread in front of this juicy dish. Wheat flour, jaggery, dry ginger, cardamom and cloves are required to make Gojha. Knead the dough and fill it with jaggery, dry ginger, cardamom and cloves. It is then fried in ghee or oil on low flame. People like to eat Gojha hotly.


Gram flour ladoos

Besan Ke Laddu is an evergreen dessert. Laddoos are made by roasting thick gram flour in ghee. Besan laddus are easy to make and it takes time to make it as well. On the occasion of Holi, make time to make and feed gram flour ladoos.

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Mathri is a favorite dish of Holi. It can be easily made at home. Add salt, celery, cumin, entree etc. to the BS mess and knead it a lot. After kneading, roll it on the foursome. After rolling, cut it with a sharp knife using a sharp knife. After cutting, fry it well in ghee; refined oil and serve it gracefully to the guests.


Thawai is a very famous drink of North India. It is made by grinding several types of spices, rose leaves and almonds and adding it to milk. It is specially made on the occasion of Holi. On the day of Holi, hemp is also added to the cold.

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