These troubles come with a cold, protect yourself in this way


As the weather changes, diseases start to completely engulf our body, like if the body turns blue, do you also have a complaint of such a disease.

Not only this, there are problems like high BP, high blood sugar levels, rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing and many times fluctuations in body temperature. If yes, today we have definitely brought it for you,

The doctor told that as soon as winter starts, problems like high BP, heartbeat and high body temperature fluctuations. In such a situation, negligence can be very dangerous. Breakfast, lunch or dinner must be eaten at any one time to maintain energy in the body. Drink vegetable soup during the day. It is very beneficial.

Keep these things in mind, there will never be trouble

Consume herbal things

If you have problems like cough, cold and fever, you can get rid of the disease by drinking a decoction made of ginger, basil, turmeric and black pepper.

Take a walk when it is sunny

If you are suffering from asthma or respiratory disease, go for a walk only after getting light sunlight in the morning.


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