Try these grooming tips to get glowing skin at wedding


Both bride and groom are careful with the skin. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to adopt their playing activities. Girls start getting skin treatment long before their marriage. Now even boys do not pay to do their skincare.

Causes of corona virus infection Skin glowMaintaining has become a challenge. People have become more dependent on homemade dishes than parlors. If you are going to get married soon and you want to leave a special impression on your bride on your wedding day, So try these tips. Which will increase the brightness of your face.

Wrinkles: – If your face, There are wrinkles on the neck and hands, So you can use a face pack made of eggs. Add a little lemon to the egg whites and beat it. Now apply this pack on the whole face (do not apply on the eyes), And apply it on the neck. Rinse with cold water after ten minutes.

Dry skin: – Most boys have rough skin. Their skin is not clean. Barley flour can be used as a face pack to keep the facial skin smooth and supple. It makes the skin soft and radiant. It also brightens the complexion.

Glowing Skin: – Take four spoons of gram flour (besan) and add eight teaspoons of milk or the juice of one lemon and soak it in water overnight. Apply it on face and neck in the morning. After ten-fifteen minutes, Clean it by rubbing it lightly with your hands.

Face pack: – Boil tea leaf in half cup of water. Then pour it into a cup. Take rice flour in a bowl and mix some water with tea leaves in it. Now make a paste. Then add honey to it and mix it evenly. Now apply this face pack on the face. Apply this pack on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrub your face with water with a light hand scrub. Now wipe the face with an equally clean and soft handkerchief.


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