Turmeric is very helpful in curing these diseases


Raw turmeric is beneficial for health, whether you can serve it by making vegetables, or eat raw turmeric? Let me tell you that if you include raw turmeric in your diet every day, then you can get rid of problems like cold, cold sore throat and indigestion forever.

Using raw turmeric instead of turmeric powder is very beneficial. It looks like ginger. Turmeric has the special property of preventing inflammation, so it gives a lot of relief to arthritis patients from the pain of jondo.

If you drink turmeric milk before sleeping at night, you will not only get good sleep but you will also get relief from cold. You can mix gud or sugar in this milk. One thing that is worth remembering is that it does not have to drink water after drinking, otherwise it can be ineffective.

– If raw turmeric is eaten with garlic and ghee, it is relieved from stomach ache or indigestion. Boil raw turmeric before consuming it.

– Raw turmeric reduces throat inflammation. To take it, take a teaspoon of raw turmeric paste and add a teaspoon of garlic paste and a teaspoon of gud. Heat this mixture and consume it. It should be taken 2 times a day.


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