US Election 2020: When President Donald Trump started dancing at the election rally, see photos


Less than two weeks after being found Corona positive, US President Donald Trump has again taken charge of the election campaign. America is to have a presidential election on November 3. The election date is approaching as it has many interesting stories. Getting involved

The crowd at the election meeting held in Sandford became so engrossed that they started dancing on the stage prepared for the speech and their fans started dancing with Donald Trump. The opposition of Donald Trump mocked this act.

The video of Donald Trump’s dance became viral as soon as the tweet on Twitter, the supporters at Trump’s rally did not follow social distancing nor did anyone wear a mask.

While addressing the election rally, Trump said he felt “so powerful” that he wanted to “kiss everyone” in the audience

US President Donald Trump is suffering from a lot of critics to deal with the Corona crisis, due to Corona, more than 2 lakh people have died in America so far.


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