Use these things to improve your mood



Many times when some of our work goes wrong, we become depressed or go into depression. In such a wa, there are some foods that correct our mind and calm the mood. for example-


Many big doctors say that you consume chocolate when your mood is bad. Along with having enough anti-oxidants, it contains an element called phenylethylamine, which improves your mood.

Red wine

It has many other benefits but the biggest advantage is that it corrects your mood. Drinking limited amounts of red wine in the evening makes you feel good.


It is said that by consuming it, your tolerance increases and you become stronger inside. When you are sad, then consume it, which will improve your mood.

Red chilli

The element named Capsin found in it releases a hormone called endorphin in our body, which brings excitement in the mind and leads to happiness. Take it in food which will benefit.


It reduces the increase in testosterone. Apart from this, mood is good due to its consumption and if you are depressed, then you get help in staying happy.

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