Vastu Tips: According to astrology which things should be kept and which should not be kept


Today we will tell you small things related to astrology, which are very important in daily life, with the help of these, bad times can be removed.

Do not keep any items above the chest, no money should be kept in the food above the vault

Pooja houses should not be built near home store rooms and restrooms

It is important to have Tulsi in the house, it should be lighted with black lamp everyday.

One should not keep a closed watch in the house because of this inauspicious effect.

Ghee lamp should be lit at the place of worship in the house

Footwear should not be placed under the cloak, it blocks the energy path.

The vault should not contain papers related to the debate

You should not sleep under the beam in the house and you should not eat food under it


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