Vastu Tips: Follow these steps to remove the negative energy of the house


Every person has their own aura. Aura means that the invisible energy that surrounds us. This energy creates our good or bad images in the society and home family. I should take care of such things, so that we can also get positive energy from the aura of the house. Today we tell you such small things which will increase the positive energy in your house.

The entrance of the house should always be kept clean, there should be enough light at the entrance.

Make the threshold of the house high so that the garbage outside does not come in

Put Ganesh ji idol or picture etc. at the entrance, if you want, you can write high on the door

Put a beautiful picture of flowers at the entrance. Pictures of sunflowers are considered sacred and auspicious.

Do not place darkness in the south-west area of ​​the house. Do not put a light bulb in the north-west area.

The members of the house cooperate and fight peacefully – fussing and shouting speak bad effect on the aura.

Tulsi plant should be kept at home and Shyam should light a lamp in it

While making color at home, make sure that the paint is the same. The shades may be more than one but the shades should be well aligned.

There should be no dirty drain, pond, crematorium around the house, it makes a difference to the aura, no matter how Puran, the house should be repaired periodically, its color, etc.


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