Vastu Tips: – If children want to progress, then definitely try these Vastu tips


Every parent does a lot to make his children’s career, he wants his children to have a good future.

But many times, you and your child do not get favorable results due to the hard work of the Mahant, and the failure often seems to be at hand, in addition to hard work for success in career, there must be some necessary changes according to Vastu.

Always take care that your children’s room is clean and clean, not of any dirt in their room, otherwise the effects of Vastu measures can be reduced.

According to Vastu Shastra, putting a picture of green forest on the north wall in the room of children, it gives success in the carriage.

By placing a globe or a pyramid of copper on the reading table of children, it takes mind to read and removes negative energy.

If the color of the wall of the children’s room is light yellow, light pink, light green, then there is an increase in intelligence, elation, knowledge.


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