Vastu Tips: Know these Vastu Yantras that will help to overcome your financial problem


Many times, even after hard work and building of the building, Vastu remains defected, the cost of which can be affected by your physical, mental and financial damage and constantly there is some problem, there are some simple remedies in Vastu. By adopting those who can remove happiness in life and bring happiness, prosperity and happiness

Maruti Yantra is the machine of Hanuman ji, people whose land is not sold or dispute has arisen in the land, in such a situation, the plot owner should take this machine at 12 noon on Tuesday day and dig a hand pit in the east in the land and bury it. Give and milk or Ganges water should run

Shriyantra is considered as the form of Goddess Lakshmi, if the shop does not feel like it does not barkat, then it is very beneficial to store it in the north direction

Vastu is an important tool for correcting defects in which all directions and problems are worshiped. If the kitchen, bathroom etc. have become in the wrong direction in the house, then by installing this machine, these defects are erased.

It is a special type of archway which removes the defects of the door and protects the house from external disasters.

If an enemy has tied up your shop or house, you should use the Karmic Vastu Yantra.


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