Watch Know why eye care is important?



Due to busy lifestyle and work pressure, we are unable to pay much attention to our eyes, which has a very bad effect on our eyes. With this, there is a problem of headache. When the problem increases, it comes to the point of wearing glasses, but this problem can be avoided by paying attention in time.

Distance from computer

Keep the computer distance from the eyes at least 40 cm while working. This will have little effect on computer eyes.

Light required

Keep the room light on while working on a computer or laptop. In such a situation, the light emitted from the computer will have little effect on the eyes.
Blink the eyelids

Blink the eyelids continuously while working. This will not cause dryness in the eyes and will also reduce the problem of burning sensation.

Healthy diet

Diet includes milk, yogurt, cheese, poultry, carrots and green leafy vegetables. They will get sufficient amount of protein, vitamins A, E and C which will keep the eyes healthy.


Do eye exercises twice a day during work. For this, rotate the eye pupils first to the right and then to the left for 5 minutes.

Take a break

Take a little break every 40 minutes during work. Keep eyes closed for 5 minutes. This will also relieve fatigue of the eyes.

Eat these things if you want to increase light

almond : Soak 6-7 almonds in water every night. Eat it after peeling in the morning.

Triphala: Soak Triphala in water at night. Be sure to wash your eyes with water in the morning.

Carrots : Vitamins A, B and C are found in it. Eating daily increases the eyesight a lot.


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