Wearing nettle is very beneficial for health, know how


After marriage, usually women wear a nettle toe. It is believed to be one of its sixteen adornments. But if you think that wearing a bed is just a sign of a woman getting married, then you are wrong. In fact, wearing a nettle is considered very beneficial for health. Come learn how-

  • Bichis are a sign of your well being, while it also helps in maintaining your health. You might be surprised to know, but wearing a nettle on both toes keeps a woman’s menstrual cycle regular. This is also mentioned in the Indian Vedas.
  • At the same time, it also acts like an acupressure. This keeps all the nerves and muscles from the soles to the navel.
  • Wearing nettle also improves your fertility. Actually, the nerve of the second toe belongs to the uterus. If the finger is worn on the finger, then the blood circulation remains properly. Also, it has a positive effect on your fertility.

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