Weight gain pills can cause big loss, know how


A variety of medicines and vitamin advertisements are often seen on TV and newspapers for beautifying the body, reducing weight and strength. Due to which the common people especially the youth come under its influence. Instead of having the benefits of these vitamins (supplements), the losses are much greater.

They can also be killed if consumed in excess. Taking protein powder and vitamin pills can also damage many parts of the body. At times, their side effects increase so much that essential organs like liver get damaged soon.

Food spate is the root of many diseases

Consuming this artificial protein can cause problems in blood pressure, depression, diabetes and bones. Many other diseases can also come out of it.

Sleep, Hunger and Depression

This protein has a very direct effect on sleep, appetite and digestion. With such medicines, the deficiency of vitamins and proteins in the body is well met, but the balance of hormones deteriorates. Due to which the risk of depression also increases greatly.

Manly weakness

In the course of building a quick body in a short time, the intake of these food supplements also greatly affects the masculine strength. This also causes weakness.

Loss of green tea

The amount of protein powder in green tea found in the market is very high. Drinking 20 cups of green tea a day can also be harmful as it contains caffeine salt element which can harm health. Continuous consumption of green tea can also cause stomach problems. It may also cause stomach pain, acidity and constipation.


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