Weight Loss Tips: Follow this military diet for fast weight loss


Now-a-days everyone is upset with obesity, wrong food, poor daylight and stress are important for this.

Workout is also important with special attention to catering but today we tell you about military diet, so let’s know how it is effective in reducing your weight fast.

In the US, male soldiers wear their diet under medical test to control their diet, which is called military diet.

But so far no institute has certified military diet. Military diet has been divided into two phases.

In the first phase, you have to eat less calories for 3 days and in the second phase, you have to take normal food for 4 days, this diet plan is done till the person has achieved ideal weight.

Let me tell you that this diet is also known as Ice Cream Diet and Flame Calorie Diet. All things are allowed to be eaten in balanced proportions in military diet.


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