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Anger is a natural emotion. In the Natya Shastra written between 200 years to 200 BC, anger has been called a ‘rasa’ or a natural emotion. The American Physiological Association has called anger “a spontaneous expression of adversity.” With this fierce performance we protect ourselves from the accusations against us. Hence anger is also necessary to protect its existence.

The modern lifestyle can push anyone under stress. Now that thousands of people are losing their jobs and homes, and even the superannuation of retirees is disappearing due to the turmoil, in this context, this era is called ‘age of anxiety’ or anxiety. Can be called an era. On the contrary, it is also true that some people, regardless of their economic or family status, are always under stress. Actually, they are born stressed.

Jerome Kagan, a professor of psychology at Harvard and his colleagues, has studied thousands of such people since childhood over the past twenty years. Four detailed research results are coming out in this direction, including two from Harvard for Kagan and two from University of Maryland, who also favor Nathan Fox, a former student of Kagan. In addition to minor variations, both studies have reached the same result. The result is that children have an inherent nature and 15 to 20 percent of children behave differently towards new people and situations. Children who behave like this are more stressed.

It was also found in these studies that children may have a similar nature, but their behavior may be different. One might call someone else’s fast-paced behavior stressful, but for another it may be interesting. Some people stay relaxed by suppressing their bad habits, but others do not care about it.

Restlessness and stress also increase anger

Stress is different from fear. Man or any other living creature is afraid of anything present in front of him. Conversely, under stress, a person is confused about his ability to make decisions. During this time the person is trapped in the whirlpool of ‘what will happen’. But when fear becomes complicated by functioning, stress takes the form of a ‘clinical anxiety disorder’, which has many forms, including panic, social anxiety, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress, and above all anxiety disorder. . Anxiety is caused by excessive movement in the amygdala in the brain, which is the middle part of the brain. This part of the mind is alert in the face of newness and facing any danger. During its normal functioning, Amygdala gives physiologic answers to the new environment. This action contains clear memories of emotional experiences. But according to Kagan studies, the amygdala tends to be overt in people with specific mental designs.

Do you have anger problems?

Anger needs to be recognized. Identify people on the basis of type A and type B personality. People with type A personality are those who have a strong desire to acquire something. Such people get angry very quickly, they soon lose patience. You can also fall into this category, if you have these things-

-lack of patience

– eat food fast

– Restlessness

– Irritability during work

-Harming yourself during anger

These are the main reasons for anger


Gold is a state of unconsciousness. Sleeping improves mental and physical health of the body. Muscles and joints frequently used during sleep are recovered. Blood pressure is low and heart rate is low. At the same time, growth hormone is secreted in the body. During this time, the brain works to collect everyday information. Sleep problems occur due to stress, prolonged work, lifestyle. Without complete sleep, the mind and body cannot function properly. Not getting enough sleep causes many diseases. Adequate sleep and rest are essential for staying healthy.

get plenty of sleep

– Limit intake of coffee, tea, cola, chocolate. Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine do not make you sleepy.

– Give your mind and body time to relax.

– Do meditation, read a book, listen to music and do aromatherapy.

– Create a sleep and wake up routine.

Physical condition – Some conditions such as ADD (Edition Deficit Disorder) cause people to become irritable and angry. People also lose their temper quickly due to hormonal disturbances and heart diseases.


Being alone in a new place is one reason for anger. Psychologists say that people who have few friends usually get angry quickly. Children who are born in a nuclear family and one of their mother or father suffers mentally. They become angry due to mental irregularity. They start abusing, beating up siblings and breaking things. Psychiatrists say that if your child has more anger, that means he is desperate somewhere.

Watch more tv

Watching violent programs, crime shows, etc. completely affect the minds and minds of children. Psychologists believe that many times youth are not vulnerable to violence and they do not feel angry to resist any action.

The ambition

The corporate world has made two scales of progress – one is performance and the other is the ability to do things better in a shorter period of time. In trying to live up to this parameter, many times people get frustrated and angry. Psychologists say that non-appreciation of the feelings of others, reduced sensitivity to people’s greetings, increased greed to gain material comforts always lead to anger. In today’s era, many professions have become such, in which many times consumers have to face anger and have to listen to their right and wrong things with a smile. In such a situation, the frustration of not being able to say anything at times leads to anger.

Anger spoils health

Anger not only spoils the environment, it also damages your health. The lung function of angry people is impaired, as well as the immune system. Because of this, you fall prey to diseases caused by stress. An angry person not only harms himself, but also spoils the environment around him. One bad aspect is that the angry person does not even know that he is angry, but the happy side is that anger can be controlled and managed.

Control anger

It is better to do positive and creative work to control anger.

– Play a musical instrument when angry

-Clean the room, go see the picture, move around a bit

– Do anything that diets your attention for a while

-Majak is the best way to relieve stress.

– Shows indicate that one should drink water to relieve stress. It relieves stress

– Eating less on time, exercising and getting enough rest reduces anger.

– Yoga, meditation and cognitive techniques are also effective in relieving stress and anger.

Keep your cool

It is often asked to explain to someone during anger that keep your mind cool. A recent research has revealed that if the brain can be kept cool then the risks of heart and paralysis can be reduced to a great extent. Harris, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, UK, is engaged in similar research. He has designed such a cool helmet, which is used to induce hyperthermia. You will also be aware that keeping a cold cloth on the forehead provides relief in headache.

Research says that keeping the brain cool from 4 degrees centigrade to 33 degrees centigrade reduces the level of metabolicism of brain cells, in such a way that when the blood supply is decreasing, then on those occasions these brain cells oxygen Reduces demand to fulfill

Harris, along with his team, designed a helmet that kept the mind cool. This helmet is fitted with two sheets of nylon, which cover the entire head. Many more techniques have been devised to keep the mind cool. The advantage of all these techniques is that they are very easy. Edinburgh psychiatrist Richard Loyan says that it cannot be said with certainty that this technique is beneficial, but positive results of this technique have been seen.



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