What is Saturn's half-century?  Do these remedies to calm its pain!

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According to astrology, Shani lives in a zodiac for about two and a half years. Since Saturn is the only planet in the house for so long, they are also called retarded planets. They have an effect before one zodiac and one till after. This condition is called Shani ki Sade Sati. When Saturn is in the fourth and eighth house from any zodiac sign, it is called Adhaiya. If Shani is in the third, shashtham and eleventh house, then the half-and-half and half-and-half will become witness to the charismatic result. This yoga gives the height of new sky to life, but others do not get auspicious results. If Saturn is in the eighth and twelfth house, then you get immense pain. Half past seven and a half years and half year lasts for two and a half years. Also read- Tips to Get Blessings of Shani Dev: How to avoid Shani Dev’s mischief? The solution lies in these astrological measures.

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According to astrology, every half year in the life of every person must come once in every 30 years. The Mahadasha of Shani is 19 years old. According to astrologers, there is no complete liberation from the half-and-half of Saturn, but the implementation of the following measures can reduce the suffering of one-and-a-half.

Wearing sapphire on Saturday gives relief from the wrath of Saturn.

* Worshiping Shani Dosh Pacha Yantra while worshiping on Saturday is also beneficial.

* To reduce the effect of Saturn’s half-and-half, take out 3 rotis before starting your meal, feed one roti to a cow, one to a dog, and one to a raven before starting your meal. would benefit.

* Cut the upper portion of dried coconut shells, fill the nuts and powdered sugar in it and close the lid and tie it with the wrist. Dig a pit in the root of a peepal tree and place the coconut inside it, get the soil from the soil and come back without looking back. By doing this, you get peace from the pain of Saturn’s half-and-half.

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* Hanumanji has a good relationship with Shani Dev. If a person suffering from half-and-half years, recites Sundara Kand, Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan on Tuesday and Saturday, and offer vermilion and jasmine oil to Hanuman ji. Even then, the suffering of Saturn brings peace.

* It is believed that along with Lord Shiva on Peepal tree, every deity is believed to be inhabited. Therefore, if you take water in the root of the Peepal tree in the morning after taking a bath on Saturday, you also get relief from the pain in Saturn’s half-century.

* If a person suffering from a half-century, wearing a ring of black horseshoe ring or a ring of the nail of a boat, wears it on the middle finger on Saturday, then the effect of Saturn’s half-and-a-half is weakened.

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* Keeping a fast on Saturday, if a black item is donated to a poor or a beggar, then the pain of a half-and-a-half is reduced.

* Regular recitation of Shani Stotra is also beneficial for Shani Dev’s happiness during Saturn.

* On Saturday, items related to Shani Dev are pleased by donating iron utensils, black cloth, mustard oil, leather shoes, kajal, black gram, black sesame, black urad whole lentils etc.

* On Saturday, install the idol of Hanuman ji made of sapphire or blue stone at home, and sit in front of the regular idol and chant the mantra ‘Oum Hum Hanumantai Rudramatkaya Hoon’ 108 times. By doing this, Saturn’s half-and-a-half pain does not hurt.



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