What is the secret of full moon?  Learn how does the Moon affect humans?

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According to our Veda Puranas and astronomy, the speed of the universe i.e. creation is a long and slow process. The new planet can be said to be a direct proof of this. Of these, the only moon is considered to be the most beautiful, gentle and active planet. Due to the Moon being closest to the Earth, it has a great impact on the Earth, due to which the fauna of the earth, sea, trees etc. are affected. Even the full moon and the new moon are also related to the moon. The good and bad results from the mutual combination of the two directly affect the organisms. According to astrologers, the Moon has complete control over the human body and mind. Here we will mention the effect on humans from the full moon.

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What does the full moon science say?

The Moon has a deep connection with Earth’s water. Tidal ebb occurs in the sea on the full moon night, because the moon draws the ocean’s water upwards. Since there is about 85 percent water in the human body too, the moon appearing on the full moon day has a profound effect on the human body as well. Those in whose horoscope the moon is weak, they suddenly begin to murmur. Sometimes insanity can increase to such an extent that even thoughts of suicide can come in his mind. Depression increases very much, but those who have received good values ​​have a favorable effect on them. If he is a seeker, he increases his cultivation. If he is a writer, he wants to write something good, etc.

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Scientists believe

All the scientists of the country and abroad believe that the effect of the moon is very strong on the full moon day. Because of this, neuron cells in human blood become intensely active. In such a situation the person becomes very sensitive, this situation is not on any one full moon but on every full moon. The future of a person also worsens accordingly. Also read: What is Saturn’s half-century? Do these remedies to calm its pain!

Problem of stomach anabolism?

Those who suffer from retardation (loss of appetite) or whose stomach anabolism is very slow, after this, when the person wakes up after eating, he feels a strange intoxication. In the state of intoxication, neuron cells are dimmed, due to which the control of the brain becomes less focused on the body and more on emotions. The influence of the Moon on such people goes in the wrong direction. This is the reason why astrologers ask to keep fast on the full moon day.

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Do not do these tasks on full moon day

On the full moon day, no kind of tamasic items should be consumed, nor should alcohol or any other intoxicants be used. On this day, you should also avoid making physical relations. Not only does this cause a negative reaction on your body, but there is a possibility of something bad happening in the future as well. Astrologers even say that it is prudent to remain chaste for four days, full moon and Pratipada these three days.



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